Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Swimming at Paws Aquatics

Today we went to Paws Aquatics Canine Swim Center.

Their facebook:
Paws Aquatics

They are located in Milwaukie about 25 miles or so away from my house which really isn't too bad of a drive, unless of course you go when there is traffic - oops!

Today Sepp had his "initial swim assessment" to see if he could swim. They made him wear a life jacket. At first I think the woman[Rachel] was playing it cautious - I'm sure people are super freaky about their dogs there. Sepp really wanted nothing to do with the pool and wanted mostly to be with me. I finally just had to tell her to just throw the ball, that I think he'll go for it if we're just like, boom, go get it.

So she just simply threw the ball and boom, he totally went for it! After that it was smooth sailing and he swam for a good 20mins or so, he learned to turn around towards the wall and instead of trying to climb out, to actually walk up the ramp [there's a ramp into the pool, and also a bench on another side.] to Rachel, give her the ball, and she would throw it. He was very tired after swimming today and got a really good workout!

I'm very excited to come back there with him for his very first post-op swim. I would like it to be in a controlled type setting the first few times so that he doesn't hurt himself, plus the water is heated so it'll be a good healing temperature. Rachel was super nice. I would definitely recommend this place to other people.

I wish had taken my camera, but totally forgot it - naturally. I'll leave you with a Seth moment caught by Kay :)

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