Saturday, June 8, 2013

Surgery Date Change & Swimming

Sepp's FHO surgery date has been changed to the 19th. There was a bit of a schedule change and it totally threw my brain off... the doctor who does these surgeries works every other Wednesday and the 12th is not his day!

SO - Sepp gets to keep the head of his femur for another week!

Tuesday we are going to Paws Aquatics at 3:45pm for our initial swim assessment.

I've actually had the chance, with the awesome weather we are having, to take Sepp swimming a few times and...


Thank goodness! That part of rehab will not be an issue.

I actually had an opportunity yesterday to talk to an owner with a dog who was about 6mos post bi-lateral FHO surgery. The dog is a smaller dog [20lb range?], but they did water treadmill 3-4 times and have otherwise done range of motion exercise with her. She still sashays a little as she walks... but overall looks totally normal to me. I wouldn't look at her and think she was lame, just that her gait is a little different. I feel that if we can do a lot of swimming and stick to the ROM exercises, as well as just overall physical therapy things [massage and icing] that Sepp should hopefully recover well.

I'll leave you with a few pics that my friend Kay took of Sepp swimming!

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