Friday, June 21, 2013

Post FHO Day #2

Last night didn't go too terribly. Since Seppel is now off of all of the hardcore narcotics he started to come around and get less foggy.

He did cry last night now and then, he would cry for a bit and then fall asleep. I don't believe he was painful - just suffering effects from the drugs.

Today he has become more and more like himself. He's walking on his own and didn't cry much at all today.

The only 'issue' we're having is that he keeps puking. Even with cerenia [anti-vomiting medication], and pepcid on board. Doc says it's fentanyl left-overs. He's hungry and wanting to eat - so that's a good thing. We're supposed to pull his IV tomorrow... I'm on board as long as he's no longer puking.

Mid-day today his butt wiggle was back and he tore up a paper towel, and also played tug with me. I'm very glad to have my dog back!

I actually have access to a computer tonight and wanted to share some pictures from the big day - as well as a video from this morning.

Here is Seppel walking this morning.

After his pre-anesthetic was given.

Naked booty.

How I had him set up at home.

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