Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Seppel Post FHO Day 6

Well, we're almost at a whole week post surgery!

I think Sepp is doing pretty darn well.

Yesterday I met my friend Kay in Mcminnville, I brought Sepp [broken dog] just so she could see him, and I brought my boss's Golden Retriever that I'm watching. I threw the ball for Bella and Sepp just sat in the car making sad noises. After Bella got a little worn out I decided to take Sepp out.

Sepp was very gung-ho to get the ball. Of course he was running around three legged which may be why they say your dog needs to be on leash for the first couple of weeks, oops. I was very careful but did throw the ball for him a couple of times, not far, and I tried to do it while he was already walking forward so he didn't do any spinning or anything.

There's a skate park at this park we were at, they had some stairs - my friend Kay took some pics of him walking the steps, I really had to force him to go slowly because he really wanted to speed up the steps and not use his back leg. Overall I think it was good "therapy" to help get him using the leg.

We do the ROM exercise 3-4 times a day, he has pretty decent range of motion at this point even though he isn't putting 100% weight on the leg yet. I really can't wait until the sutures come out and he can go swimming, When we pull them next week I will make an appointment with Paws Aquatics for his first post surgery swim.

Icing his leg.

Here is a video from today of him walking and also doing sits to stands.

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