Sunday, June 23, 2013

FHO Recovery Day 4

I took a couple of videos today:

Seppel is doing so much better. I would say he's nearly 100% back to normal personality wise, he's back to obsessively licking me and actually crawled under the covers last night. I helped him up onto the bed, unfortunately at some point in the middle of the night he jumped off and I'm like "WAIT Nooooooo!" but it was too late. However, he seemed to have survived the jump.

Sepp has been really good with his ROM exercises and we have gone for a few short walks - just what he can tolerate. 

Right now he is taking Cephalexin, Rimadyl, and Tramadol. I feel that his pain is being managed pretty well, although he isn't a complainer. I am really glad that we did the fentanyl and morphine/ketamine but I really have to say that it did make things hard because it made him SO loopy. The epidural also made it very hard for him to walk - but I also think the morphine/ketamine contributed to that as well. 

Now that he is completely hard-drug free he's just doing so much better. He's using the leg most of the time, but if he runs he won't use it. I'm icing him after every activity, in a few days we will transition to using heat. 

Depending on his progress I may start simply updating once a week. But I had to share the videos of him walking because it makes me happy.


  1. Wow, he sure is looking great. I think this is going to be a wonderful recovery. Bindi is a wuss, pain-wise, the vet said she was "dramatic". I think the combo you've got him on will help a lot. Bindi got some of the Special K when she had stuff dug out of her paws, it sure kept her quiet that first day. Haha!

  2. Best of luck with Seppel's recovery!