Thursday, June 27, 2013

Seppel FHO Day #8

Things have been progressing about the same.

I will admit to the interwebz that I am one of those owners. I haven't put a cone on my dog and he somehow managed to pull out a little under half of his suture. Oops... So for now, he gets to stay in the treatment area at work where I can watch him and make sure he doesn't chew anymore out. I tried using 'yuck' all over the incision, and he just licked it off. I put a bunch of skin glue on it yesterday when I noticed he pulled out more suture. Bad dog, bad owner.

Today Sepp recieved another round of acupuncture. When Dr. A went to put a needle near his incision he about jumped ten feet and screamed like a girl. After that he was very tense and guarded about the area, he never offered to bite - just screamed. She did the acupuncture elsewhere and explained some of the points, it was all basically bone, bladder, and kidney support, as well as I believe some pain support also. He did really well when she placed the needles elsewhere on his body and he sat for a good 20 minutes. I was hoping to get a picture of it... but time got away from us.

Tonight we are going to try walking on the air mattress - I will try to get video of him doing it. It's supposed to be a balance exercise and hopefully get him to use his bad leg.

On Monday [would be 5 days post surgery] as I mentioned in my other post, my friend Kay got some pictures of Sepp going up stairs and doing a little makeshift PT. So I will end this entry with some pictures!

He's still got pep in his step!

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