Thursday, July 31, 2014

National Mutt Day

My Rotten Dogs pointed out that it was National Mutt Day today! [July31st and December 2nd respectively!]

As it is over there - we celebrate mutts at my house everyday too!

Seth will be 6 in October. I was told he was American Bulldog/Golden Retriever cross. I have him registered with UKC as an American Bulldog mix. Honestly when I explain him to people I call him a 'brindle mix' because it's impossible to pin a breed on him. I've had a lot of people tell me they think he has Pit Bull in him - but next to Seppel [who is mostly some kind of pit bull dog] he doesn't look like one at all. If breed DNA tests were not a total joke I would run one. Whatever Seth is - he's awesome. He's super silly and easy going, fairly low prey and toy drive. He is absolutely my heart dog and I know I will never find another dog like him

This is LiLo. Before I knew how lame breed DNA tests were, I did run one on her. It came back as trace amounts of: Bichon Frise, Chow Chow, Border Terrier, and a small amount of Rottweiler. Most of her DNA was curly-coated retriever and I would probably see those characteristics. *blink* Okay! She does have a black spot on her tongue, and really straight back legs, I guess that explains the chow??? Anyway, I describe her as a herding mix, she's about 40lbs, high prey drive, decent toy drive, and she has helped me herd the chickens into their coop. I might go so far in some instances to refer to her as a GSD mix, because physically I think that describes her the best although she is small. She's a really good dog, very obedient and submissive, also easy to train. She knows a lot of tricks but no formal obedience. She's my buddy and she can be a lot of fun.

I would list Seppel here as well because his pedigree is unknown, but to the public I know he appears to be a pit bull of some kind. I refer to him mostly as a 'pit bull type dog' because his origins are unknown. 

I love my mutts, I will probably always have a mixed breed of some kind. However I personally feel it is getting harder and harder to find good dogs in shelters. The 'save all movement' is saving dogs who, in my opinion, should not be saved. I have very strict ideas on the types of dogs I want to live with me and I will not deal with sketchy dogs or dogs that cannot handle everyday life like baths and nail trims. I will definitely purchase my next dog from a breeder, but I would not turn away a mixed breed that could do the things I want to do - or would just be a great pet!

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