Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Year Ago/FHO Surgery

A year ago today...

40 Days Post FHO

It's hard to believe we are finally past the year mark with Seppel's FHO Surgery. Everyday his back legs look more even in muscle tone and it is harder and harder to tell that we did anything at all. It is so neat to look back and see how far he has come. Looking at that video, back at day 40 his leg was SO skinny! His gait was so off! I wasn't sure he would ever walk normally - not that I cared, now I can't tell a difference in his gait at all.

Dogs are so resilient. They don't let the little things get them down and they always push through one way or another. While I did put a lot of effort into rehabbing Seppel, I also think he was just physically and mentally a good candidate for this surgery. I think it was extremely helpful that he was so athletic at the time - I think it really helped him to bounce back.

This weekend [8/2-8/3] we are going to Seppel's first rally match! I'm excited to take him in the ring and see what he knows. It'll be a good test of our training. I think he's going to do just fine, it'll be me that will be on the verge of a panic attack hahaha. If all goes well I am hoping that he can earn his URO1 this weekend. We shall see :D

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