Saturday, August 2, 2014


Today I took Seppel to his first ever dog event, and first Rally-O trial!!!!!!

Sepp did really well. The difference between him and Seth is night and day. Seth is so laid back and easy going, whereas Seppel is much more reactive and antsy in a new environment. When they gave out ribbons and everyone clapped he would get SO excited, like he thought it was all for him :p

I was really kind of worried that he forgot his brain, but he composed himself pretty well. Our heeling has such a long way to go, but he did pretty well considering this dog has never done anything like this in his whole life.

In the first class there were 8 entries but only 7 qualifiers. A pit bull person was there and her dog took a shit in the ring!!!! She handled that pretty well, I would have DIED. Seppel placed 4th in this class with a score of 97!!!! Here is the video:

I was really pleased with this first run!!!!

The 2nd trial didn't start until 2hrs later so there was a lot of waiting, also this side of the building did not have AC so it was pretty warm. Cooler than outside - but warm. I felt that Sepp did terrible for this 2nd run but watching the video he actually did really well other than a few mistakes. I think he was just tired.

 The gals there today were super nice and supportive. A gal complimented me on my "skinny" dog. Honestly watching the video - he is in SUCH GREAT SHAPE right now. He looks fantastic!!!!!!!

The icing on the cake of today however was this...

Last year a woman told me I was 'robotic' and no fun and that is why Seth was so laggy. I learned soon after her comment that she would be judging our class. We actually got a good score under her but her comments kinda pissed me off. I just assumed she was a positive only trainer and she thought I beat my dog.

Boy. Was I wrong.

This UKC judge has collies and in the first Rally class she did [she was doing regular OB inbetween], she walked into the ring, went to the first sign, grabbed her dog by the hair of his neck and said she was done. When it came to our class she had a dog in it also - she was weaving through the cones and her dog completely stopped, and she grabbed the dog by the neck hair again - thus DQing herself - but continued the course.

I don't feel bad about my handling AT ALL. She looks just like I do! And I have never beaten my dogs in the ring! EVER! I wish I had filmed her, because she isn't fun at all! And I don't understand why she didn't just encourage her dog forward through the cones vs. grabbing it... but she must have just had enough. 

So, no doubt I really don't feel bad at all. I feel now that she was just projecting on me what someone else has probably told her before.

We had a blast today and I am hoping he gets his last leg tomorrow for his very first title!


  1. Wow, she sounds horrible. Both to other people and to her dogs.

    Congrats on doing so well your guys' first time out!

    1. Thank you!!!! I am so proud of the dude.

      She's definitely not a nice lady. She's judging our class tomorrow. I'm definitely not as concerned about it anymore. I thought any type of punishment/correction was a big no-no in the ring, she sure made herself look like an ass!