Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Flirt Pole

I have wanted a flirt pole for a long time. I really wanted to buy this one: Squishy Face on Etsy

Money has been tight and it just hasn't been something I've been focusing on. With Sepp having surgery I have only now just started to let him be as active as he was before. We had a good break, time to get back on the exercise wagon!

My friend Kay uses a lunge whip for her flirt pole. She introduced Sepp and LiLo to it:

I happened to have a lunge whip that I am no longer using so last night I decided, what the heck. I tied a poop bag to it and boom - Seppel and LiLo were like "This is awesome!!"

Look at him use his leg!

Both of the dogs absolutely love playing with this thing. Lilo is SUCH a herder *facepalm*. The incessant barking is awesome xD

The flirt pole is another great way to exercise the dogs and you can play with it almost anywhere. I think for people who have a small yard this could be a great toy because you really don't need much space, and your dog will be TIRED.

If you have a dog who isn't fooled by the plastic bag I think purchasing or making one like the one in the link I posted is a great way to go. You could put your dog's favorite toy on it to encourage them to chase it.

My friend Kay did also have a very light ball toy [it was made to float] that she would put on her lungewhip, but I haven't been able to find something like that. Seth has absolutely NO interest in it, playing with me in general gives him anxiety apparently. Poor guy!

Speaking of Seth I did take a short video of us practicing an attention heel. I've never taught an attention heel to a dog before so we are way green at this. Seth is further along than Seppel is [which is why I only have a video of him doing it!]. I think we've made some good progress.

Anyway, if you're interested you can usually find lungewhips at a local feedstore. You can also go here to find one online. It's a pretty cheap and easy toy if you've got dogs with pent up energy and prey drive!

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