Wednesday, September 25, 2013

14 Weeks Post FHo Surgery IPO Training

Training was absolutely AWESOME today.

I wish I had brought a camera and someone to take video because HE BARKED!!!

This isn't the first time he's ever barked, but it's the first time he has REALLY barked on the field. He was absolutely WOUND from the moment Ryan walked out of the training building.

We worked on the hold & bark and it actually didn't take him very long to give some 'woofs'. Then we did quite a bit of heeling, without bites because Seppel was being an asshat and wasn't listening.

In the words of my friend Kay, there was conflict. Should I listen to mom? OMG I want to bite the thing! Oh crap I need to heel! His brain was everywhere. So he didn't get a bite on transports. On the side transport we stopped and Seppel just starts BARKING at Ryan.

He has NEVER barked during a transport, EVER. We wanted to give him a bite, but couldn't because he's not supposed to be barking, but we let him bark, because he needed to.

We went back to the hold & bark blind and he gave us a few barks again and we ended on a great note.

I am SO excited, we are that much closer to having a good hold & bark.

I tried remeasuring his leg today and it doesn't really appear to have grown in mass, but in pictures it looks bigger - so I'm not sure. I think he also has more muscling over his butt on that side, which he had lost in week 4.

Here is a picture of week 4 next to week 13. Week 4 was taken by Lilly Mae Photography

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  1. I have a ridgeback that has to have FHO surgery and I wanted to know how the longer legged dogs do with this surgery. Are they somewhat normal afterwards? How was recovery?