Wednesday, September 11, 2013

12 Weeks Post FHO Surgery: IPO Training!!!!

Today marked 12 weeks since Seppel's FHO surgery! His progress is about the same although he is walking better on the 'bad leg' as in fully placing his foot down when he walks. It is still significantly smaller than his other leg. I found a local rehab facility through a friend, Newberg Canine Rehab and after I sort some things out financially I am going to take Seppel there to talk to the rehab folks and also maybe use the underwater treadmill.

My friend Lynna came out with me today and got some video. Still no bark for the bark & hold... just flailing and growling haha. Heeling is pretty painful for him as well. However his OUTS were absolutely AWESOME! Ryan said it was like he had been doing it all week. I absolutely love Pet Village and feel so lucky that we are able to train there!

I'm very excited to get back into it, in the video he's using his leg fairly well [except when he lunges at the gate], I think this was a very good form of PT for him because he was using the leg and looks really steady on it. Today was awesome!

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