Wednesday, September 18, 2013

13 Weeks Post FHO - and IPO training!

The weeks just keep flying by, at least that is how it feels to me.

Seppel is still doing about the same. I wish I could have an update on his FHO that says "OMG MASS IMPROVEMENT!" but, he is really doing about the same. I think he may be growing leg muscle, but I haven't taken measurements to see.

Here is a video of him fetching a ball from yesterday:

Training was pretty awesome today. After seriously googling "Hold & bark, dog won't bark" I started reading about 'prey locked' dogs. These are dogs that are high in prey drive that won't bark because they are 'locked' in prey mode and don't want to make noise. Wit German Shepherds a lot of times you can push them into defense mode by being more aggressive to try to snap them out of it. With Pit Bulls it's harder to get them to go into defense mode, if it's even possible because they are not a defensive breed.

A quick video I found on youtube will give you a general idea on the Hold & Bark:

I went down to Salem today with a goal in mind. I told Ryan we could try two different things, either he needed to stand in front of Seppel and wait for a bark, or he needed to get a little more aggressive and animated. Ryan was up for it so we went to the blind we usually practice at. Ryan brought a whip out this time and agitated Seppel a lot. Sepp made a lot of growly noises for a long time - we probably worked at this for 10-15mins with him just lunging and gargling, but eventually he started to try to bark! We could only get one bark at a time, but that is better than it has been in the past.

We took a break from the hold & bark and did a few transports. He said Seppel's side transport is PERFECT. Here is a video I found that is just a quick example of a side transport, hopefully we can get our own video soon!

My friend Kay did catch a pic of Sepp from June doing a side transport:

Anyway, we went back to the hold & bark and after lots of gargling and lunging we got a few more barks. The plan is to work on this more extensively. He pretty much knows all of the IPO 1 Protection Routine, but he isn't 'good' at any one part of it, except maybe the side transport. I really, really, really, want to get his hold & bark, and get him barking!!

After bite work I took him to the park down the way to swim. As long as the weather holds out I think we'll end our training sessions with swimming. It allows him to cool off and it's also good therapy for his leg.

Today was a lot of fun, I am so excited to get back into it!

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