Wednesday, July 10, 2013

One step at a time.

Okay, Sepp is actually making some progress. I guess I spoke too soon about slow progress ;)

Monday, the 8th I took Sepp for a longer walk than normal. My friend and I had gone on a walk and I took Seppel out and we walked her part of the way home. I estimate we walked about a mile which is longer than our .6mile walk. When we got home I was picking up dog poop when Seppel started running around and I noticed that he was actually using his bad leg. Now, he wasn't putting a ton of weight on it, but he was moving it in 'running motion' instead of just holding the leg up - which is what he usually does to move fast.

I was able to catch some video because he plays this weird game with the pooper scooper... such a dork. But anyway he was using the leg!

Then, to add to the awesomeness - swimming yesterday, he actually used the leg a little bit to propel himself! I saw it with my own eyes.

We're about to head out now for a swim. The progress is still slow going, and his leg looks so shriveled and sad... but he seems to be moving in the right direction.

When we do the ROM exercise, he still acts like it is sore on extension [like extending back behind him]. However I haven't been icing him nearly as much as I was before because he doesn't really seem to be painful. It's hard to explain, but overall the leg does not seem to be painful anymore, it is just weak and he doesn't trust using it.

So we are officially 21 days out today, so the end of three weeks. He isn't putting full weight on the leg, but he is using it to walk and to swim. He doesn't seem to be really painful other than when we do the ROM - or if he jumps on that leg and it folds - he will cry. [We don't do a ton of that but it has happened!]. He is still getting vetprofen 2x a day, gabapentin 2x a day, and tramadol 4x a day. I may cut back next week when we are at 4 weeks, but for now I think it is good to have the pain meds on board.

I'm just really glad we are still moving forward and in a good direction!

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