Friday, July 5, 2013

16 Days post Surgery!

Seppel is 16 days out from surgery. I took him swimming for the very first time today. At first he cheated and didn't use his FHO leg, but towards the end I had him swimming circles and then going for the ball and I could see him starting to use the leg. I got a little video on my phone, I bought him a life jacket because a.) it was a good deal, and b.) I thought having a flotation device would put less strain on the FHO leg.

My hope is to maybe go to this park in the morning so we can miss the people that might be there. My friend is supposed to hook me up with a pool soon also :)

He swam for about 15-20mins and didn't have too much trouble other than being a little cold.

I know I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to take him for his first post surgery swim at Paws Aquatics, but from what I have read he physically might only be able to swim for a few minutes. I just don't want to drive all that way and also have to pay for a half hour if he can only swim for a few minutes.

I will probably try to make an appointment with Paws Aquatics within the next week or two.

Anyway here is a video of him swimming and a video of him walking from today!

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