Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 Weeks Post FHO Surgery

Well, today is 5 weeks since Seppel had surgery. In some ways time has really flown by, but in other ways I feel like we've only just begun.

Seppel is doing pretty well, I feel, for the time frame. I'll try to get some new video of him walking soon. I like to think he is putting his foot down more and is walking on it more properly than he has been. However, there are other times I'm watching him and I feel like nothing has changed.

There are a few things he's been doing lately that make me feel like he's getting stronger. For one thing - he's jumping on people more. Yeah - he's naughty :p Fortunately the people he jumps on usually allow him to do so - so it's no big deal. He has also been scuffing outside when going potty - he has always been one to scuff, since the surgery he usually just flicks his bad leg out once, in a very sad attempt. The last two days he has actually scuffed, with both feet which is a huge improvement.

Aside from the treadmill and swimming, I also make him jump into the pool:

Another thing that makes me hopeful is he jumped for the ball in the beginning - jumping and flips are something he used to enjoy and was good at, which makes me hopeful that he is feeling stronger on his bad leg.

Just for kicks - here he is trying to get the pool skimmer:

The improvements are small, but I'll take them. I am also going to see about taking him off of the tramadol. He had the last one this morning, my thoughts are to continue the gabapentin and vetprofen and see if we can stop the tramadol. Then maybe in a few weeks we can stop the gabapentin, and then eventually the vetprofen. He's been doing fine on the pain meds twice a day - I don't feel like he is painful. Of course if he shows any signs of being uncomfortable I will definitely put the tramadol back in the pain med rotation.

EDIT 7/25: I am keeping Seppel on the tramadol. Last night he cried under his breath for most of the night. I guess he is more painful than he lets on, or the pain meds are really doing their job in keeping him comfortable.

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