Saturday, July 20, 2013

4.5 weeks Post FHO Surgery

Sepp will be about 4.5 weeks out from his FHO surgery tomorrow.

I've discovered another way to rehab him!

He hasn't been on the treadmill since before surgery. I have been wanting to put him on it for some time now, but would always forget. Not to mention we've been excited having the pool. Yesterday afternoon though I got a wild hair and put him on the treadmill. He's mostly using the leg! I've decided to alternate between the treadmill and swimming. Yesterday he did the treadmill, so today I let him swim. I'm very excited and hoping he will start to regain the use and muscle mass of his leg.

Overall he's been doing about the same, but I do think he is possibly placing a bit more weight on the leg and I do feel like he is using it more. Today I chased him with the pool skimmer, a game, and he used the leg to run around. I'll have to get some video, he looks seriously vicious!

It's nice to be able to exercise him other than just going for walks. When I swam him today I let him jump in and out of the pool after the ball - it's great to be able to get his mind and body engaged and be doing a bit more than we were before.

I'm very happy and excited with our progress. I think we're doing pretty good for nearly 5 weeks out.

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