Monday, May 13, 2013

World War I?

I debated on even posting about this, on the off chance my house does become a crate & rotate house I want to remember the event that probably became the beginning. *dramatic music*

Hopefully C&R isn't in my near future - living with my parents makes it really hard because if I have to ask them to participate, my mom especially, might be difficult to have deal with the dogs.

Anyway, yesterday we had a bit of an incident. I gave the dogs soup bones. Our side yard is fenced off so I gave Sepp his bone - which he took to the garage. I gave Seth and LiLo their bones on the side yard. Seth and LiLo generally don't have issues with high prize items, toys are a bit of a different story these days, but they are generally fine together with bones - they give each other space. About an hour had passed when I went out to check on the dogs. Sepp was chewing on a bone remnant and LiLo was sitting about 20ft in front leaning against the gate. She decided to run under a piece of fence that is between the house and a big white tent building my dad has. I threw Sepp's piece away, went out to collect Seth's bone, I then proceeded to walk the front yard to see if I could find LiLo's bone. My search left me empty handed. I went back in the house to work on something I was making for dinner. Several minutes later... probably 10-15 I heard this awful noise, it's LiLo and Seppel getting into it.

My dad and I run outside - the dogs stop. LiLo ends up with a lip puncture, Sepp ends up with a leg puncture and a little abrasion over his nose. I threw Sepp in the house. Gave it a few minutes and then brought the dogs out together. LiLo ran right up to him - she's a vocal dog and she was making some noise but neither dog seemed to have hard feelings. Later I brought them all out again, LiLo offered a play bow to Seppel, they played a little bit, but Sepp was being cautious - LiLo was being very vocal at this point, she was definitely attempting play but you could tell Sepp wasn't super sure about it.

I'm not sure what happened. They all seem to be fine today. They went out to go potty supervised, I then put all of them on the treadmill this morning. I think this is going to be the start of our new routine. We're going to go back to square one. No unsupervised outside time, if they can't be watched, rotating them out to potty. AND a serious exercise regime. Unfortunately LiLo cannot be exercised until she's tired because of her hips, but I did give her some treadmill time this morning. The weather is a bit gloomy but as long as it's dry we'll play ball and do some spring pole. I also plan on putting together a flirt pole - I'm pretty sure both Sepp and LiLo would play with it, Sepp for sure.

I knew when getting a Pit Bull Crating and Rotating might be in our future. However, I really hope this is just a little bump in the road. LiLo and Seth have never gotten into it like that - I'm still asking myself if it has just been the two of them, would I be taking this so seriously? Would it bother me so much if it wasn't Sepp and it was Seth? It's hard to say, but I feel like it's better to be cautious than sorry.

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