Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Loose dog!!!

I think we only have three obedience classes left! We're also going this Thursday so we can do bitework beforehand... guess that means I need to practice over the next two days hehe.

Seppel was pretty good tonight. When he got out of the car I felt like he was abnormally subdued. I palpated him a little bit and he seemed back sore. Danielle confirmed it tonight when we got home. I gave him some carprofen and we'll see how he's feeling tomorrow. It's not a huge deal, but I don't want him to be sore.

Anyway, class was really small tonight. There were only five of us. Sepp did most of what I asked, we did an out of motion down and were told to walk the room. Sepp got up and the guy who has the 'labradoodle' was like "DOG'S UP! HE'S UP! HE'S MOVING!" I'm like... where the hell were you last week when the GSD came barreling up to my dog?!

Like I was telling a friend, as much as I don't want to be all particular, I'm pretty sure he was freaking out because Seppel is a Pit Bull. No one said a single word last week when that dog broke and came at my dog, not a single word. But my dog moves because he was looking for me and it's a huge deal.

After class we got to play with more agility equipment. It was at that moment that I really realized why I love this breed of dog. Don't get me wrong, Seppel has seen some of the equipment out there, however it's been almost a year since he has gotten a chance to play with any of it. The dogs in class today were us, a labradoodle, a small rat terrier mix, a GSD, and a doberman. The doodle was pretty forth going but most of the dogs hesitated for most of the obstacles. I mean, they did well after they got it, but they were unsure at first. What I love about Sepp is that he's super gung-ho. Like, let's do this! Who cares if there's a drop off on the other side, let's jump it! I've mentioned before I feel like this breed puts 110% into everything that it does. They ask questions later, which can be a pain in the butt if your dog is trying to kill something, but otherwise I absolutely love that spirit and drive!

This post is a bit short, hopefully I'll have some more to talk about Thursday and maybe I can even talk my dad into taking some video!

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