Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dog Class #7 and Seppel's Health

Just have to say - wow, 51 posts! Who would have thought I would have that much to talk about ;)

Tuesday was our 7th class.

I am a horrible dog owner. Sepp still has a sore back, then walking out of the kennel after work he was limping on his right hind - his hip, AND his tummy is really upset because I gave him a raw chicken back for breakfast monday. I ALMOST thought about not going, but I thought he could manage it - and he did. I also gave him a rimadyl before we left so he did have pain meds on board.

Class actually went really well all things considered. Sepp was heeling nicely, we did a couple of out of motion downs and sits where we walked the room after giving the command and Seppel actually stayed! I was very impressed especially since he wasn't feeling 100%.

However, when we went to do agility, he was a little naughty.

I hate to say it, I was one of those owners with the out of control dog!

We were running through the course and there were people in front of us. After he came off of the jump the guy in front of us was getting his Doberman on the spider-walk. Sepp ran up to the guy, and I'm like "Ack, sorry my dog is coming up to you!" Luckily the guy was cool and was like "It's because I've got cheese!" I'm just like, mortified and saying "I'm so sorry!" Then he came off of the yellow & blue A frame and went flying up to this guy with a GSD, the guy shoved him away, which was good, but I'm just standing there all embarrassed trying to catch my dog. Sepp didn't even care about the dogs that were with these people, like he totally ran up to them just to see THEM, the people!

I don't think he really had a plan for what he was doing. After the A-frame I made him go over it again, and then caught him so we ended on a good note - the little stinker.

Overall I'm really excited we got to take this class, I feel like he has learned a lot and has also picked up some really good impulse control.

Homework was fast out of motion stand & down, the send away [you send them for a toy and down them], and the drop on recall.


 I brought Sepp into the clinic today to have a doctor examine him for his painful back and also for the horrible diarrhea he was having.  He strained his iliopsoas [hip flexor used for jumping] and his right hip is sore. I x-rayed his hips when I first got him and the right hip was bad, we took another x-ray last week because I also x-rayed his spine, just to make sure he didn't have anything else going on. The right hip is still crappy, it hasn't changed much in the year that I have had him, but it's still really bad. Right now with it sore he has about 75% range of motion.

In an ideal world where I wasn't broke he would have a total hip replacement. I'm going to start him on Adequan, a THR is not an option at all. I am pretty sure Dr. Munjar [ortho specialist] told me when I took LiLo in that the implants alone were like $2k. *face palm*

I talked to the doctor about doing an FHO, he doesn't think dogs his size do well with them and he said he would hate for me to do it and then have Sepp not be able to do anything. He also recommended against injecting the joint because it will buy relief but just wear the joint down more quickly.

I'm thinking of making an appointment with Dr. Munjar just to get his opinion on an FHO and to see what he thinks our future will hold in terms of Sepp continuing to do the things he loves to do with a crappy hip.

Sepp's list of meds right now are as follows; Metronidazole, Forti-Flora, Tramadol, Methocarbamol, Carprofen, and Ace as needed for sedation. I gave him half of a 25mg Ace today and he looks so sad and squinty. We're going to rest him for 7 days, I'll keep him as quiet as I can. I really just want him to heal up and feel better. I don't care about titling him in the sport, but I want him to be able to still play around with it because it's something he really enjoys, not to mention he loves playing ball and he loves the springpole... he loves anything involving being crazy and active.

Crazy Sepp - taken by Danielle.

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