Friday, May 10, 2013

Bite work, agility, and loose dogs!

Yesterday was a lot of fun at training!

We came early to do some bite work. We did what we normally do, bites, transports, etc. Other than doing some serious forging in heel he was actually really good. He had no problem outing the sleeve, I think playing lots of ball has helped reinforce his out. I think he's learning if he outs, he gets another bite. Kind of like, drop the ball and I'll throw another one for you. There was also a point where I went to go get my camera, I had him in a down in front of Ryan and he didn't move! Ryan said he even shifted weight/moved around a bit and Sepp just kept watching him. It's pretty impressive to me how much more impulse control he has and it's awesome to see how much he has grown in training. We have so much fun out there, he just LOVES it.

After bite work we had about 20mins to sit and chill. Thursday is a different class, minus the stupid labradoodle guy who was there! Ugh, bane of my existence! Apparently, he comes Tuesdays and his wife normally comes in Thursdays, but she just had surgery and can't work the dog apparently. *eye roll* The class was pretty small in size again, there was three GSDs, the doodle, us, a small doodle thing, a small black spaniel type mix, and two labradors. All three of the GSDs were out of control. One female GSD pretty much decided she was done and actually left the building several times while in heel. She also went running around the room, somehow avoiding coming up to us [but I was ready!].

We worked on the drop on recall. Sepp was actually pretty on, other than not staying when I told him too [stinker!]. It was very frustrating waiting for everyone to go because some of these people are not serious enough with their dogs. The guy with the female who kept taking off would walking into the dog for her down, he was close enough that he could have popped her into the ground, but he didn't. He tried three or four times, and the dog was like "Meh, I don't really have to do this!". Then there was another guy with a GSD that would NOT stay. He kept telling the dog "no, no, no, no..." when it broke. I'm thinking "Tell him to sit or down!" I mean, 'no' wasn't really effective, the dog didn't stop. He finally grabbed the dog because he wouldn't stay and he grabbed the collar, and used his left hand to move the dog's butt around, the dog totally whipped his head around like he was considering mouthing the guy. No thanks!

We did a down out of motion as well as a sit out of motion and walked the room. Sepp was GREAT for the down and didn't move, however for the sit he did stand up. Lucky for me, no one announced it to the room that the 'vicious pit bull' had gotten up.

I'm also lucky that one lady was nice enough to ask if he dog could visit with mine. I politely declined, explaining that he's fine, but I'm really cautious with him, AND that I really appreciated her asking me. The people in this class apparently though it was the dog park because several people were letting their dogs sniff and interact. *insert mass eye roll*

We ended with agility as we usually do. Sepp went over everything. I do think his back was bothering him a bit when going over the A-frames. He hesitated on the first A-frame, like I had a hold of his tab and urged him over. I really can't see any other reason why he might not have liked it other than it just being hard to go over because he's sore. Poor guy.

Yesterday was awesome and I can't wait to get back into our bite work full time! There's a trial coming up in June and the BH is only $40! Unfortunately I don't belong to a club or DVG which totally blows because Sepp could totally get his BH. In due time I suppose, gotta be patient ;)

Anyway here is a video of the agility portion:
Youtube/blogger is sucking major booty and won't find my video - so here is the link :)
Sepp trying some Agility!

 And here are some pics of bite work!!

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