Sunday, April 27, 2014

Biking Revisited

I've posted in the past about riding my bike with the dogs:
Biking with Seppel

I've since tried biking with Seppel again, except I am actually biking with Seppel and Seth at the same time!

A few weeks ago I wanted to tire both of the boys out. We have a 4 mile loop we've been walking and I wanted to see how Seth could handle the distance with my bike. However, I also knew that the distance would be great for Seppel as well, but I was too lazy to take them both one at a time.

So, I took a risk and took both of the boys biking!

I put them in harnesses and used slip leads from work that are only about 4ft long. This length is reasonable and easy to shorten quickly if necessary, when we get to mile 3 the dogs are usually much calmer and I can let the leash loose and they do very well.

We've gone four times now and so far it has been without incident. Seppel seems much more motivated with Seth around and he keeps the pace much better than he ever has in the past.

I'm very proud of how mindful the boys are, we have passed people with dogs and dogs in yards and although they may get excited for a moment they will listen to me and will 'leave it'.

I had my dad take these pictures from this morning. We were just starting out so Seth is looking at me - he gets all weird and excited and vocalizes.

Right now we go the same way and do the same 4 mile loop. I may branch out and increase the distance or change our route, but for now we will stick to the same loop, just because I know what to expect as far as which dogs live where, and I also kind of know the amount of traffic in each area we move through.

I suppose it's no wonder why my left tricep is bigger than my right one ;)

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