Saturday, December 15, 2012

Biking with Seppel.

Back in January I was brave and decided I would start biking with Seppel. Sepp really needed the energy outlet and I figured it would be a good option for both of us to get into shape. I read online that many pit bull owners found this to be great exercise, that their dogs loved it and would burn off so much extra energy.

Apparently, Sepp didn't get the bike riding memo.

Some days we would ride and he would run fast for the first 5mins or so, and then drop into a trot. Other days we would start out and he would not move above a trot.

I even went out and bought a Springer bike attachment for him, but he was so slow I was almost dragging him while he was attached to the spring.

Here is a video showing the difference between biking with Seth and Sepp:

I don't know what it is. I haven't tried biking since we[LOL "he" I don't run on it!] started using the treadmill. He can run on that for a solid 10-15 minutes so I KNOW it isn't because he's too tired. Even biking, I know he isn't tired because if we see another dog or a cat, or heaven forbid a feakin' squirrel, he's pulling and running his little heart out.

I pretty much decided he just wasn't/isn't that interested in biking and haven't pushed the issue.

As you can see, Seth LOVES bike riding. He LOVES to pull the bike - he's a total spazz about it and gets uber excited to go. I've considered taking the two of them at the same time. Maybe Seth would give Sepp a little competition, but there's no way I could manage them both without dying.

I guess for now, we'll be sticking to the treadmill. When summer comes around and the weather is better we may try biking again, if not for Seppel's benefit, for Seth's.


  1. Haha, I tried to bike with Toby once. Once. I almost died with just him. But we were in public. I imagine if I had access to quiet country road he would do much better.

    You really inspire me to find creative ways to exercise Toby, though. I love the video comparison between the two. Seth just cracks me up.

    1. Was he just concerned about everything?

      Several of my internet friends thought I was nuts biking with Seppel. He will lunge towards people with dogs, but because we're going forwards he's lunging sideways but also forward. Then once we pass the offending pooch/people he's fine.

      I forgot to mention too, he did once try to bite my tire xD

      After the initial few rides though, all he does is trot until something exciting happens and I don't want to ride my bike for an hour just to make him a little tired.

      Since I've had Seppel I've been a better owner, when it was just Seth and LiLo they didn't get near as much exercise because mentally they just don't need it. But I know it's good for them anyway... there just wasn't a big push until Sepp was here.

    2. Yeah, with his reactivity he was going after a lot of stuff and I'm just not that coordinated to control him and myself! Haha

    3. You need like an electric 3-wheeled scooter, at least he couldn't pull you over haha.

      I know how it is - it can be scary. My biggest problem the few times we had dogs run at us was trying to stop my bike while he was pulling.

      Thus - I got a helmet. I never really rode with one before, but I had to suck it up because I didn't want to die. :D

  2. WOW big difference between the two. Have you thought of trying to rollerblade with Sepp instead of using the bike? Maybe it'd be a little less intimidating for him and he'd feel more eager about it?

    I know what you mean about killing you with reactivity/leash manners. I could never do either thing with Bindi, I cannot walk her without either a prong collar or a clicker/arsenal of treats. And if I run out of treats she knows and I can't control her again. It's been a real struggle, one that I am giving up on for now.

    1. Funny you mention roller blades. When he first came here, I didn't even have a good working bike. I actually bought the bike with the intent to exercise my dogs. I used to have roller blades but my dad got rid of them. In retrospect anyway - he pulls so hard I would be worried I couldn't stop quickly if I needed to. I still may get a pair in the future to try because I do miss doing it!

      When we first started biking I used a prong collar on him as an emergency if he was going to chase after something. After some time we moved into a harness because he seemed to do okay. The thing is - if you're truly moving quickly in forward motion all they can do is pull sideways and forward and they have to keep up with your bike. My biggest concern with him isn't the pull away from the bike, my worry has always been him plowing underneath my bike to get to something on my right. It hasn't happened, but that's the thing that worries me most if we go biking.

    2. Oh God. I couldn't imagine trying to rollerblade with a dog. I can hardly rollerblade with just myself to worry about. Hahaha, I would eat pavement the first time Toby saw a fly even. Bless you brave, coordinated souls that can do it.