Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Senior Dog

My dog LiLo will be 9 years old in July. Although she is an old lady with terrible hips - she doesn't let that slow her down. As of late I've been teaching her to target my hand with her nose and we have also been working on pivoting on a box. I use a clicker and in a few short sessions she has been learning to move her hind end while standing on the box.

Today I took Seppel and then Seth outside to play ball and play with the flirt pole. LiLo was going nuts in the house - super excited and jazzed up. When I brought her outside to throw the ball she was barking and running around and was super excited. She was even more thrilled when I brought out the flirt pole for her.

Somedays I worry about her slowing down, but then she acts like she did tonight and it just makes me really happy that she takes so much joy in these kinds of things. Age is only a number and I hope she keep her in good physical condition so she can continue to do the things she enjoys.

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