Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Training Today

I took Seth and Seppel down to Salem for training today, we had a blast!!

We worked Sepp first. We actually started with the bark & hold, we usually don't because he's too worked up. I sent him around "blind 5" (just learned that's the name of the blind across the field haha)  and from there he ran across the field to where our decoy was hiding - the blind with the gate in front of it that we practice the bark & hold. As I'm running to catch up with him I could hear him barking!! We then worked on heeling from the decoy... It was really hard to get him focused on heeling, but we'll get there.

We worked on some transports without the leash, sometimes he forges ahead but our trainer said a lot of dogs do in anticipation of the attack. It started to rain so we went inside. We worked on him engaging the decoy, getting a bite, and me calling him to me to heel. That didn't go so well because he's all about the decoy. It's crazy because he can be so impulsive sometimes but other times he is so controlled. We did a modified courage test where he has to sit and stay while the decoy comes at us, as long as he stays I can send him for a bite. HE WAS SO GOOD!!! He was so controlled, I mean it even shocked me how well he was listening. A year ago he never would have been so patient, he's come so far!

After bite work we did some obedience. Homework is to teach him to stand and stay, and to have him down and move to a sitting position on a 6ft lead.

I brought Seth out after Seppel. We stood in the middle of he building and Ryan peered into the doorway. It took a little bit but once Ryan got a little more intimidating Seth started barking like a mad man. It made me laugh because he was doing it somewhat out of excitement and it was funny to watch. Our homework is to try to build toy/tug drive. Seth has prey drive but not nearly as high as Seppel's. I don't know if he will ever go for he bite sleeve but it's fun to play around with him and he was SO excited to be there today!

I feel so lucky/fortunate we found Ryan and Jennifer, they are really nice supportive people and I am so glad we have the opportunity to train with them. A year ago I wouldn't have thought we would be here.

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