Sunday, March 10, 2013

Did you really just do that?

Yesterday Seppel almost gave me a heart attack!

My day already started out super crappy. My car got egged and my horse dumped my friend.

I was out washing the egg off of my car when a stray Pit Bull type dog was running down the street. I started walking towards the dog because I was going to see if I could catch it [he had a collar on]. Then, out of the corner of my eye I see Seppel climbing the fence!!!!! I'm yelling at him to stop but he's already halfway over.

I run over because all I can think of is that I'm going to have to break up a dog fight. He pulls himself all the way over and the two dogs sniff. I run up there and Seppel jumps sideways away from the dog. I am telling him to come and he's like "Uh, you're angry. I don't want to come to you." and I'm like I really want to throttle you right now!  But I put on my happy voice[this was SO hard, I wanted to kill him!] and Seppel came to me, and actually ran towards the gate, but then back to me. I was trying to get him back to the gate when the other dog comes back up to him, Sepp is having a hard time ignoring this dog. Mind you, Sepp doesn't have a collar on so I have nothing to grab. They start to posture and I'm like "Seppel!!!!" and he breaks away again. At this point the other dog takes off, I put Seppel back in the fence.

Luckily the neighbor recognized the dog and was able to get him home safe.

Seriously, I thought I was going to have a stroke! We fenced off the corner so hopefully Seppel won't have a need/want to try to climb out again. I will keep a close eye on him obviously, but he did it with me out there, so it's not like he wasn't being supervised.

I just think he was so amped up that he couldn't stop himself. The impulsive side took over. 

I'm very thankful that he didn't run off and that he didn't attack that dog. I am always worried about dog aggression and worried about what he could be capable of. But ultimately he's pretty much like my other dogs. He's not out to kill every dog he sees which makes me feel better. This situation was SO naughty, but I'm glad that the outcome was okay.

It cracks me up too how much dogs read into our voice and body language. Even when you want to kill them, you have to be nice if you want them to come to you. Even though it's incredibly hard to do, sometimes you just gotta break out the sweet voice. You know, as they say, you catch more bees with honey!

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