Sunday, March 17, 2013

Obedience 3/16

I was able to get some video yesterday [Saturday] of the boys and their obedience.

Seppel is still trying to learn how to finish left and also come around me from the right side. I use the gate to help get him used to coming in close. If you watch Sepp and then watch Seth - Seth is much happier to be in my space than Seppel is.

I hate to admit it, but Seth is a much easier dog to train! Well, okay, it's good to admit it because at least Seppel is teaching me to be a better dog handler. Just the same it has been a real struggle.

I'm happy with Seppel's progress and I know with time and experience he will only get better!

Seth is just learning how to back up. I didn't get footage of it because he was struggling with it, but he can back up away from me on command. He just has problems backing up next to me. I'll have to try to get some updated video. Letting him "sleep on it"[thanks Kristen!] really seemed to help the process, I asked him to do it a week later from the last video and he was backing up with no problem! This video just kind of shows the basics of what he knows. Sepp is fun, but Seth is fun in a different way - I love watching him work.

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