Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Good job Sepp!

Today I pulled a muscle in my right leg which is already damaged from a bad ankle roll.

Just walking around was absolute agony and Seppel was due for a nail trim. I asked Danielle if she would dremel his nails for me because I was afraid if I got down on the ground I wouldn't be able to get back up. When I do Seppel's nails I have him lay on his side.

At first he was a little weird when she came at him with the dremel and wanted him to lay down. Some of it is that I think he was like 'huh? you don't normally do this to me, do I really have to?' I told him to lay down, as did she, and he did. I initially went to pet his head but realized he'd start moving - it was a total annoying owner moment :p

He didn't move a muscle and let her do his nails no problem.

It makes me feel good that he will allow someone else to do something to him and not be a jerk about it. Not that ever thought he would do something, but it was a good test!

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