Saturday, January 24, 2015

Letters to my Crew

We're participating in a blog hop started by Murphy & Stanley called "Letter to my Dog".

In no particular order:

Dear Napolean,
When I brought you home I wasn't nearly prepared for the big personality you would eventually grow into. I had no idea that cats could be so cool. You are almost more dog-like than cat-like, which just makes me adore you even more. It's been an interesting ride trying to figure out your food allergies, but because of this you helped me learn a whole lot about dog and cat food. I'm also really sorry that you hate going to the vet, as a young kitten you had nothing but bad experiences there. However, I do really appreciate that you let me treat you at home be it blood draws or vaccines, and I am thankful you are easy to medicate. You are the best cat I have ever had, you're also the only one I've ever had to make it well into adulthood. I love you buddy!

Dear LiLo,
When I decided to take you on I had no idea of the things I wanted in a dog, I just thought you were super smart and that you would turn into a great dog. I had no idea that you would turn out to be insecure with new people, I did what I thought would be helpful - taking you places and have positive introductions. Over time I just realized that dealing with strange people just wasn't your thing. You turned out to be a wonderful companion, I love how reliable you are off-leash and how well you listen [most of the time]. I'm sorry if you feel like the third wheel sometimes, but I really enjoy having you around.

Dear Seth,
What do I even say? You came into my life when I tragically lost my cat Pause. When I saw you at the counter I just had a feeling that I wanted to take you home. It wasn't anything in particular that you did, I just wanted to have you. You are an absolute dork and I love that about you. I love how easy going you are, I love how gentle you are when you jump on me [or other people haha]. There's just something about you, you are my heart dog and I am completely sure I will never find another dog like you.

Dear Seppel,
I feel extremely fortunate that our paths crossed. I never thought I would own a Pit Bull. I admired them when I was younger, but quickly realized that the bull headed/terrier type mentality was not for me. I was not sure what I was going to do with you when you came here. That first year was pretty rough when we were learning about each other. I'm so glad you are the way that you are. Because of you I am able to participate in a sport that I have admired since 2010. Although your impulsiveness drives me nuts sometimes, and, you kind of freak me out when other people get you wound up - you are an awesome dog. You have completely turned me on to the Pit Bull breed. I love your big personality and your willingness to overcome hardships. You inspire me.


  1. A wonderful letter to your fur babies. BTW, love that last photo of Seppel. What an expression!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Thank you for starting this blog hop, that was a great idea!

  2. It's great that you have this wonderful crew. And I bet they think the same when they read this wonderful letters!
    Easy Rider

  3. We love all the photos, but especially the last one of Seppel. What personality! We have so enjoyed reading all the letters and getting to know what is special about each fur kid.
    Marley & Lady

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Seppel is a pretty animated guy - he cracks me up.

  4. What a great letter to your fur family! Woderful photos of everyone too!
    Marty and Mom

  5. Such wonderful, heartfelt letters. What a pleasure to get to know your pack better!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    1. Thank you :) You have quite the wonderful pack too!

  6. It is easy to tell how much each one of your kids means to you through these letters. It sounds like each and every one of them entered you life just when you needed them.

  7. Oh these are beautiful letters!
    Your all loved so very much!

  8. Awwwwwe!! You guys are soooo lucky to have such a pawsome Moms!!! It's clear to see she loves you all bunches!!!
    Seth, Ma wants to know how you 'Jump on people' all gentle! Apparently I have yet to master that skill....☺
    Ruby ♥