Thursday, January 22, 2015

FHO X-rays: Then and Now

I noticed yesterday that Seppel seemed a little bit off. He still seemed that way this morning as well so I felt him up and his iliopsoas muscle is sore. He's always been really hard to read as far as pain goes. [Well, if you poke him with a needle or cut his nails too short he is pretty clear about that!]

Anyway, it kind of freaked me out so I x-rayed Seppel's hips. It was a good idea anyway because we are 1.5yrs out!

Here is Seppel's x-ray before surgery, it's a crappy cell phone pic, I should email myself the xrays - I just have been to lazy to do so.
The hip on the left [his right] is the bad one.

Xray after Surgery.

Xray Today.
As you can see, everything has healed really well. My boss says his good hip looks great and that he is probably just experiencing muscle soreness. You can see in the x-ray from today that he has gained most of his muscle mass back, although the right leg is still slightly smaller than his left one. I am really happy that his good hip is still good!

I'm going to give him some nsaids for a few days and rest him [to the best of my ability]. The guy just doesn't stop. Here's a little #tbt action, back to his surgery day in June of 2013:

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