Sunday, September 28, 2014

Renovation Woes

We've been going through an interesting time here at the house. My parents are having the kitchen widened and the living room and family room turned into one big great room.

On the plus side, this means the dogs get to sleep in my room! My whole life our family dog(s) were not allowed to come into the back part of the house. There was a doorway to the hall from the living room and the dogs were not allowed to go through it. Although it sucked, it made sense because it at least kept the dog hair/dirt/etc from being ALL over the house, it was isolated to the front room.

The reno started on Monday, since then I have been bringing the dogs to work with me everyday. With all of the noises and strange people the dogs would be barking their heads off in my bedroom if I left them at home. Going to work isn't new for any of them, I bring Seppel everyday and a few days a week bring them all. I don't bring them all everyday because with just Seppel I can mess around or work with him on my lunch break, and that way too LiLo and Seth can be at home and be outside when my folks are home - so they don't need to be locked up. Seppel has to go everyday because I don't want the responsibility of him to fall on my parents and I don't fully trust him to not eat the cat or jump the fence. He's fine, and my parents do a good job - but I worry.

My lunch time at work is filled with me either walking the dogs or taking them out to chase the ball, when it starts raining they will be spending time on the slat mill. I want to give them a good energy outlet because they have to stay at work in kennels all day.

The cat is getting some flirt pole time in too! He's relegated to my room all day and other than his tree and a window there isn't a lot for him to do. I did get him some toys but he doesn't seem to be that interested in them.

Last I heard the reno will take about 5 weeks. We are one week down and I can only hope the time passes quickly. Here are some pictures of what the dogs have been up to:

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