Thursday, September 11, 2014

LiLo & IPO

Last week I took LiLo to training with Seppel. I figured she's getting older and I just wanted to see if she could do it.

LiLo has prey drive - she's killed and eaten at least three squirrels on her own, she loves the flirt pole and she will also chase the ball. I consider her to have a decent amount of prey drive and just drive in general to follow through with something.

When I took her to training last week, she barked at Ryan but did not want to engage him with the tug. She was too "worried" about him to want to play.

I brought her out again yesterday, she was willing to play with the tug with me, and also willing to grab the bite sleeve a few times. However, she lost interest a couple of times and also wasn't fully committed to getting the bite sleeve.

It really put into perspective for me how lucky I got with Seppel. You really can't just take any dog and hope they work out for the sport. While I thought LiLo had the drive to do it, I was very wrong. I also thought that her being a bit weird/sketchy would make her a good candidate, but she is just a big fat weener!

I think the main difference between her and Seppel is that he is more confident - especially when it comes to getting the things he wants, and he wants to grab anything that moves. I think that is why he took to the bite sleeve so quickly - because he likes to chase and grab things. Granted, LiLo is that way with the flirt pole but I think the drive to 'chase and grab' is a lot lower in her than it is in Seppel.

I really count my blessing everyday that I have a dog I can play IPO with.

Apparently LiLo is happy just being a great buddy dog :)

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