Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's been a while.

Oh nos, I fell of the blogging wagon!

Actually, all it seems I have to talk about is IPO training, and I feel like that is terribly boring without photos or video to prove that what I am saying really happened. Hoping when we go out next we will be able to get some photographic evidence!

Today is actually supposed to be a training day...


My house has the plague!

In the last several weeks at work we have been seeing several dogs with kennel cough. I don't know if people are boarding more or what, but we've been treating quite a few dogs for it. Last friday Seppel was chewing up a box at work when he coughed up a piece of paper. Saturday he was full blown coughing. With the timing I thought it could be box/paper induced but we put him on antibiotics just incase and I haven't brought him to work since. He's still been coughing, but not as bad as he was before. Saturday he was actually coughing so hard it was bloody :( Poor dude. His cough seems to have subsided and he started to see better. I was going to bring him back to work and that is when Seth this morning started to cough. We cancelled training and I have now started Seth on antibiotics also. I have them on minocycline, it is cheaper than doxycycline. All of this is great timing because Sunday I woke up with a cold myself! SO - Kennel cough, it's going around.

It's more of an inconvenient thing more than anything. I'm sure my dogs will be fine but it means no training and that they can't come to work with me.

Since I'm updating I will say that Seppel has been doing really well at training. We did everything off-leash last week and he was an absolutely super-star. Ryan is SUPER excited about his side-transport because he says it's absolutely perfect and something that can be hard to train. I'm personally excited over a few things. One thing is his heeling - he actually knows where he belongs! When he wants something, like the decoy he is super fast and spot on about positioning. I mean, don't get me wrong, I may have to give the command more than once, but he moves with motivation! Another thing is that it is absolutely awesome to send him for a bite, out him, and have him sit there in front of Ryan barking with conviction. Like, OMG, I have a Schutzhund dog! Like I just feel like all of the pieces are officially coming together. We are still working on obedience daily and still working on the retrieve that we may or may not get someday haha.

Also, I sent Seppel's info in to be registered with UKC so we can start doing Rally and maybe some other things. There is a weight pull in WA in April that I think I would like to go to, it sounds like they are encouraging newbie participation so I think I may take him to that if I get his info by then. I registered him as "Christine's Seppel Puppy" in honor of his former owner Christine.

Anyway there's a quick boring update, I hope to post some dog related posts soon, as well as IPO pictures. In 3mos it will also be Seppel's FHO year anniversary!

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