Friday, February 7, 2014

IPO Training

Wednesday, as usual we went down to Salem for bitework. My friend Lynna tagged along even though it was super cold and took some pictures!

Ryan informed me he wants Seppel's obedience down by March - that he had been thinking about it all week. I think we can do it, we just need to buckle down and practice, practice, practice. From what I can remember I think this is most of the list:

-Drop on Recall
-Sit, stand, down in motion.

I think this is most of it but I guess I should probably check. He knows how to do all of these things but we haven't practiced them regularly since our obedience class. We are also going to work the blinds more in training because Seppel really only knows about going to two of them, and I really don't think I am sending him, so much as I send him to the first one and he knows to go to the 2nd one.

He did pretty well on Wednesday. He still gets pretty forgy when we are doing our back transports - I really want to move him back into better position more. I think it's just going to take a lot more practice. Ryan had a lot of good things to say about him and he feels he is more than capable of getting a title, we just have to get there and start fine tuning things. Here are a few pictures!

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