Sunday, February 16, 2014

8.5 Month Post FHO Surgery

I felt like a small FHO update was due. We are nearly 8.5mos out from surgery! Almost a whole year!

Seppel seems to be doing well. Occasionally after rigorous activity he will not put full weight on the FHO leg, but he doesn't seem to actually be painful. He uses the leg a lot, but every now and then doesn't bare full weight. I don't know why, I should probably ask, but I hardly notice much of a difference anymore. He can still run just as fast and jump just as high as he ever could.

I am still very happy with this surgery and happy with the results. He hasn't had a sore day since recovering from the surgery, and that was the overall goal.

He does walk a little funny, but it's hardly noticeable. I am sure if I didn't say anything the average person wouldn't be able to tell.

Here is a video of him on the treadmill from today, it's kind of long, I slowed a few of the clips down just to look at his footfalls:

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