Wednesday, December 11, 2013

IPO Training

Seppel was AMAZING today!!!

Ryan and Jennifer took Sepp onto the field while I hid to try the hold & bark. Jennifer sent Sepp to Ryan and he not only barked at him but also muzzle punched him a few times - something I've seen real IPO dogs do. Jennifer sent him to Ryan twice and both times he sat and barked at him. I came in after that and he did the same for me!!

After that we practiced transports, he was a little forgy, but I hardly corrected him at all today. He was so ON today!!! He's come SO far, we're finally fine tuning things and he just gets better every time.

I'm going to try to get some video next week, I could hardly believe it was my dog out there today and I can't say enough how happy I am to be able to train with Ryan and Jennifer.

As far as Sepp's leg goes he's still using it all the time, it's still smaller and a bit floppy but you can't see the muscle difference unless you really look at him.

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