Wednesday, December 4, 2013

24 Weeks Post FHO Surgery & IPO Training

I think we're at 24 weeks post FHO surgery! I think that means we are 6 months post surgery! ***PARTY!***

Seppel rarely limps or holds his leg up, I will try to measure his leg this week or next week, but the muscle continues to grow and you can hardly tell there is a difference. Since the weather has been cold and occasionally wet I have been running the dogs on the treadmill a few times a week - Seppel doesn't skip a beat. I am very happy that he is where he is at at 6mos, I can only see him being completely back to normal in a year.

Training was really great today. We did some heeling before Ryan came on the field. I think it really helped get Seppel engaged. He wasn't overly amped because he didn't need to be, which made for a better training session all around. Ryan usually gets his gear on in a nearby building, he came out not wearing the bite sleeve. Sepp was heeling really well, but when he caught sight of Ryan he took off for the fence! For a moment I'm like "I really hope he doesn't jump the fence and bite him!" Fortunately Ryan kind of deflected him by moving back and down, Sepp hit the fence but knew he was supposed to be heeling with me and came running back. Just the fact that he was like "Ooops" and came back shows he has come a long, long way. He's getting faster about coming into heel position and is giving me more eye contact, I'm going to try to get some video soon - this dog rocks.

Anyway, after doing some heeling Ryan put the sleeve on and came onto the field. We did a couple of bites, some outs at a distance, and also practiced heeling and transports. Sepp actually did really on everything, he forged a little bit initially heeling, but Ryan slowed the pace down which actually helped. After the transports and bites we tried the hold & bark. Sepp actually let me call him to me and into heel position AND HE LISTENED! The best part was going to blind 6, the blind we always work him in that he will never bark, AND HE BARKED! And he didn't get too dirty and try to eat Ryan. Ryan also had me send him in, without the leash attached to my hand and he came back to me when I called him!

I felt like I really had a lot of control - I mean, sometimes he was still a little naughty, but I didn't have to pull on him hardly at all, and overall he did what he was supposed to do. I really feel like his training is coming together and we are able to fine tune things a little bit better. Today was absolutely awesome. I love going to training, I think Sepp does too, and I also really appreciate the awesome trainers we get to work with.

Here are a couple of pics from last week, my friend Danielle took them!

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