Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8 Weeks Post FHO Surgery

Tomorrow marks 8 weeks [56 days]  since Seppel's surgery. I went ahead and took an x-ray today, since we are two months post op just to see what things look like. Mind you he is crooked - but the FHO hip looks nice and smooth. He's a good sport for x-rays but is always super stiff!

I've recently started riding my bike with him, trying to get him to trot and use the bad leg. We don't go very far before he's pretty tired, but we are getting back to regular activity. I have also played some ball with him and he has been able to run after the ball.

I have another weeks worth of Vetprofen and may bring him down to 50mgs once a day when we go for our next refill. I still think he has some sore days and until he builds more muscle I don't want to back off of the pain medication too soon.

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