Wednesday, August 28, 2013

10 Weeks Post FHO Surgery

I feel horrible because my surgery updates don't hold much substance, however, right now progress is pretty slow. I wish I had exciting things to talk about 10 weeks out - but things are pretty steady and about the same. It is my goal to try to get some video of him playing ball this week so you can see him move when he's doing other things. He is using the leg 90% of the time and when we're walking he's fully placing the foot on the ground.

As of yesterday I have stopped the tramadol and we will see how he does. He didn't get one last night or this morning. If we go on a long walk I will give him medication, but I don't think he's in much pain these days.

The most exciting part of this update is that he goes back to training, for sure on September 11th! We have an appointment at 3:30 and I cannot wait!!!

Here are a few videos, the first is an entry for a hangtime contest, although... he doesn't even make the cut. They have novice set for 5mins... I don't know that he will ever hang for that long. It just cracks me up because he's doing the major hula.

Second video is him leaping for a toy.

The third video is Seth when I go to trim his nails, he makes me laugh.


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