Thursday, April 25, 2013

AOC #4!

We went to obedience class Tuesday, my dad came along which was pretty cool.

We got there early, or rather, we tried to get there earlier - traffic was horrible. We met Ryan to do some protection before class.

Sepp was pretty good. He was so amped that his obedience was a bit lacking, his heeling was... not as good as it should have been, he was forging a lot and REALLY wanted to get Ryan - there goes my theory about our OB class helping us out ;) BUT other than seriously wanting to go for a bite his outs were AWESOME. I mean, he's always out-ed pretty well, but last night he was really good about it.

We went to class after some bites, outs, and transports with Ryan. Sepp did pretty well for most of the class but he still seems overwhelmed with everything going on. I don't mean overwhelmed like he is upset or cannot handle it, but overwhelmed like there is just so much going on that he can't quite focus on what I am asking him to do. A good example being the out of motion sits. He got it right the first couple of times, and then started simply standing - he KNOWS what he should be doing. At one point I was like "I am going to kill you!" and he was like "I don't want to do anything for you because you are going to kill me!" It's amazing to me how much he reads my body language, I can just beat him with my eyes.

My dad says he watches me a lot and tries hard to pay attention, he also said he looked like he was really focused - so we're on the right track!

When it came time to do agility Sepp did great on every obstacle. He still gets a little over-stimulated when she brings the tunnel out, but he is much better at focusing on me while we wait our turn. We're to the point that he's leash-less the entire class.

He will never be a reliable off leash dog like in a park or out in the general public, but it's nice to know that he can be reliable off-leash in a trial type setting.

We've been practicing our out of motion sits and downs. He almost has the sit 100%, the downs still need a lot of work - I'm hoping he can get it together by our next class! We're also going to be doing bitework on Thursday and our trainer said we could take the class that is on Thursday night if I wanted to, I think we will, just to get a chance to practice in the presence of other dogs.

Overall we're doing pretty good. Seppel amazes me more and more everyday, I never thought we would get this far, I never really thought we would do anything. I just thought he would live out his life here, I'm very excited for what may be in store for us in the future!

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