Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Advanced Obedience Class #3!

The "king" malamute is back. *face palm*

But the class size is much smaller now that they have things organized there.

However, tonight Seppel was half checked out. A lot of dogs were acting out actually so I don't feel so terrible. There was a lot of howling and screaming happening in the kennel and we later found out they are breeding dogs? So just picture the most dramatic GSD you've ever heard in your life and multiply it time 2 or 3.

I'll admit, we didn't practice anything. I've been house-sitting and it's like it just slipped my mind. There's no excuse really other than I just didn't and I think we paid for it tonight because of it, but Sepp was also just being a bit of an ass.

Everything started out okay but then we started just using voice commands - no hand signals and Sepp wouldn't down when I said 'platz'. Mind you we have practiced sitz and platz A TON so it isn't like he doesn't know - he was just choosing not to listen.

So homework is to work on voice commands and hand signals.

Then we worked on out of motion sits. I was a little annoyed because we have done this a few times at home and he will do it, but here at class he did it a few times and then started just standing and not sitting.

Let's just say - I saw ALL of the gaps in our training this week.

Homework that we WILL do:

-Out of motion sits.
-Voice Commands
-Hand Signals
-right about turn, left about turn, and left U turn.

Everything we did was off-leash tonight and for that he was perfect. I'm starting to feel confident he's not going to dart after a dog now. I mean - I will hold his tab for agility[mostly the tunnel] because he has a hard time holding it in but since we worked on the eye contact thing in-between everything tonight he was giving me eye contact like nobody's business. If something super exciting happened like a dog screamed or was struggling I know he would probably take off - but as it is right now he's proving to be pretty reliable.

He also did really well for all of the agility equipment tonight. He will sit and down on the dog walk, he went through the tunnel and chute without issue, and he jumped up on the table no problem. I'm lucky in that he's familiar with the equipment - I'm actually really excited because I think he would be a lot of fun to do agility with and I think it's definitely something I want to pursue with him after this class is over.

Just to end this with something positive - one thing I was thinking about tonight is how well Sepp rides in the car. Especially on days we go to training he settles in and sleeps the whole way. When he first came here it would take a bit to settle him... but nowadays he is SO good in the car. Training in salem wouldn't be possible if he couldn't stand the hour drive - especially in traffic. We spent an hour sitting in traffic that was moving like 25mph most of the time.

I swear, when he's good he is SOOOO good, and when he's bad, he can be just horrible.

But I love the little stinker anyway.

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