Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Took Sepp to training today and it was AWESOME - even though he didn't want to bark :p

He got back into it pretty well but would not bark. The trainer tried to get him to bark for her but it wasn't happening. I suggested our decoy hide behind a door and he actually got frustrated enough to offer a couple of barks. We ended on a good note with the barking. It was weird to get back into it - I needed a lot of support but Sepp knew what he was doing!

I'm so excited to get back at at.

I talked with the trainer and our decoy and both felt strongly I could get Sepp titled. I'm being put on the waiting list for their club [it's about a year out]. But that will at least pave the way for us getting the B. They didn't see a problem with his age [he will be 5 this year!!] She also wants us to take a spring obedience class. I need to talk to my coworkers about the possibility of going. It all depends on the $$ also but I really want to take a class with other dogs so we can work with distractions. I'm just excited that we can continue and this hopefully isn't just a pipe dream.

I'm not going to worry about it too much because we are having a blast and Seppel absolutely enjoys every minute of working, especially the bitework! It's nice to have a goal and GREAT to have so much support. I'm so glad that we're back at training, and I think Sepp is too!!

On a side note with a bit of funny story. I was early when I got to Salem so I stopped at Subway for some lunch. I decided to eat my sandwich in the car. I seem to remember there have been a few situations where I have had to put my food next to Sepp on the seat and was very clear he needed to leave it alone. Those instances have been few and far between - so much so I can't even tell you what I was eating when I last told him to leave it. Well, I offered him the heel of the sandwich, he didn't take it so I set it next to him. He literally looked AWAY from it and was like "Oh god, I'm not touching it." and I'm like "Dude, eat it!" and then he was like "Ohhhhhh!" and he ate it. It just absolutely cracked me up. I love this dorky dog.

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