Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Finding His Voice

We just got back from training today and it was AWESOME!!!!

They were super busy apparently so it was just Ryan and I. Ryan is our decoy. Anyway we did some transports and bites. Apparently Seppel is to the point now that I shouldn't have to 'out' him. He should do it when Ryan freezes. He still needs a reminder now and again, but it was awesome to see him do his thing! After some bites, outs, and transports Ryan was going to have us use the door to get him to bark again. I reminded him about how like a month ago we sent him around the blind and without me there he barked.

[Side note: we had an audience with a guy who has two GSDs and a Doberman, two with BH's working on titles.]

I sent Sepp around the first blind for a bite. Then Ryan ran across the field and hid behind the blind that has a fence that we usually use for the bark & hold. I sent Sepp and sure enough, he barked!!!!!!

We did it like 4 times and he barked each time. The last time I came up next to him and praised him while he barked. It was AWESOME!!!!

It was also cool meeting a dude who is into this sport. He was pretty cute too ;) The first thing he said when we got off of the field was "Wow, he's fast!!!!" That seems to be the general opinion of Sepp, he's a fast one.

Next week Ryan said to bring Seth out just to play around - we're also going to go tracking!!!! I'm so excited!!!!

I love, love, love Seppel. Even if he can be a bit "much" at times... I am so excited to have this opportunity and so glad that he has come into my life.

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