Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: Evolve Treats Review

This is my very first "Tasty Tuesday" post! I've been meaning to write a review on these treats for some time. I have not been approached by this company to review these treats, I purchased them on a whim and really like them.

I found these treats at WinCo, when I first started purchasing them, this 48oz bag was around $12. They have since raised the price to around $14 but this bag lasts me a long time. My dogs do not have any special dietary sensitivities and I was well aware I was purchasing a "grain free" product from a grocery store. These treats are made in the USA and produced by Sunshine Mills. When I looked into the company for this post - they produce grocery store brands of food and it appears they have had a dog biscuit recall in the past. The biscuits that were recalled contained tainted wheat gluten. These treats specifically do not contain corn, wheat, or any other grain by-product.

  • Crude Protein: 16%
  • Crude Fat: 8%
  • Crude Fiber: 3%
  • Moisture: 26%
Salmon, Sweet Potato, Salmon Meal, Pea Flour, Garbanzo Bean, Potato Meal, Potato Starch, Molasses, Glycerin, Chicken Fat, Gelatin, Salt, Phosphoric Acid, Sorbic Acid, Natural Flavor, Blueberries Apples, Carrots, Natural Smoke Flavor.

This treat meets the standards of the AAFCO food nutrient profiles for the maintenance of adult dogs.

Unfortunately it does not say what the caloric content is of the treats but I have been using them for training and tracking and my dogs haven't had a problem with weight gain.

This is what the treats look like.

These treats are super easy to break up into smaller pieces.

I typically break the treats up into smaller pieces like above. I primarily use them for bait for tracking, but I also use them as training treats. All of my dogs like them and eat them readily. I have bought three bags so far and they have all been consistent as far as appearance and moisture content. Aside from this salmon flavor they also have a Turkey & Pea flavor. I haven't purchased the salmon for any particular reason other than the fact that the WinCo I go to has the big bag in the salmon flavor. I plan to continue to purchase these treats. Before I found this brand I would typically buy a Natural Balance log and cute it up. Cutting the big logs up is rather time consuming and I have to freeze most of it because I don't go through the log fast enough. What I really like about these Evolve treats is that if I have forgotten to break up some treats ahead of time, I can quickly and easily break some up before we go out on the field. It is super convenient and easy. Plus, my dogs seem to really like them!


  1. From the ingredient list, they sound very clean and natural. Looks like your pack really enjoyed them too!

  2. Interesting! And typically a recall is voluntary on the part of the company, meant for the benefit of the consumer while things get straightened out.

  3. I like that those treats are grain-and by-product free, and that they're made in the USA! Our pups go nuts for salmon treats ;-)

  4. Those look awesome! I'm right there with you on the Natural Balance food rolls! They are such a PITA!

    We are going to have to try these out!