Sunday, November 9, 2014

Astoria Beach

Yesterday on a whim I talked my friend into driving to the beach with the dogs! The weather was GREAT, some places reporting 70 degrees and there was zero chance of rain.

We left after work so we didn't get on the road until about 2pm.

I took Seth and Seppel and my friend had her two dogs Karmann and Flynn.  I left Lilo at home because there wasn't room in the car for her, plus out of everyone Seth and Seppel need the exercise the most, and they can physically handle it.

This was Seppel's 3rd time at the beach and I actually was able to let him off leash! The last two times I have kept him on a 30ft long line. We went to Astoria and came onto the beach where the horseback riding folks normally go, there was hardly any people and we didn't see a single dog.

Seppel did really well with Flynn. He hasn't really had a chance to meet him because I was worried Seppel would eat him. Seppel was actually very patient with him and very appropriate in giving warnings and Flynn fully respected him. Seth actually reprimanded Flynn more than Seppel did, Flynn was a bit of a pest [he's young and crazy] and Seth would try to avoid him but Flynn would persist so Seth would tell him off.

This experience puts my mind as ease a bit that Seppel will not haul off and eat a dog necessarily. However I would be foolish to completely trust him because I have seen him try to eat a few small dogs and a puppy. However, it makes me feel better that he can interact with another dog and not completely maul them - which is what I had pictured in my head.

All four of the dogs had a blast and everyone was good and tired on the ride home.

Here are a few pictures, I took 300+ but the lighting wasn't so great as the sun was setting - several came out kind of grainy which bummed me out, but I got a few decent shots.

LOL nasty face!

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  1. Your pictures are great!! :D It looks like you all had fun!