Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hidden Bite Sleeve

So today I got to test out whether or not my dog is a true liability.

Ryan put on the hidden bite sleeve today, and Seppel still bit him!

Seppel did see the sleeve beforehand as he watched Ryan put it on. He bit him a few times before we took the video I am about to share. Ryan tried to take video from his perspective but Seppel saw his hand and actually refused to bite. He just sat down in front of him and barked. Of course, that one moment of "there's no sleeve" passed.

We did this just for fun. I didn't think Seppel would go for it because there was no sleeve. He surprised me. We didn't do any weird scenario or anything like that, we just played like we do in training all the time. I don't think he would bite a random person, even if they were acting sketchy I am not sure. Ryan was moving the way he always does when we are in training, so I think it was very familiar for him. Regardless it was a fun time. I haven't had a chance to post pics from training because I need someone to come out with me and take them, so I thought I would share this.


So he did hesitate one time... But this is Seppel biting a hidden sleeve. #ipo #schutzhund #obedience #protection #bitework #bite #apbt #pitbull

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Also, this past saturday I got to go watch the Schutzhund club train that we joined. I have to observe three times before we can participate. A huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders, the club is not super competitive, the highest level of dog is an IPO II, Seppel is very far along on the protection side. I think everyone will like my dog, and I think he will surprise a lot of them.

I was thinking about it and even if we just go for individual protection titles I will be satisfied. I would like to at least get an IPO I, but I also would be fine if we just titled in protection and I saved going "all the way" for my next dog who I can start from the beginning. But then again too, Seppel has at least 6 more years in him for training and we have all the time in the world to get his title. But it is something I was thinking about. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video! I love this guy <3<3

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