Wednesday, June 18, 2014

52 Weeks/ 1 year after FHO Sx.

That's right! Today marks Seppel's year anniversary after FHO sx!

What a long year it has been. I never thought, at the time last year, that Sepp would be back to 100%. Choosing this surgery was a huge decision and I was  not sure at the time I was making the right one. I had faith in my dog, but you just never know. I kept my expectations low - as long as he was pain free I would be happy. He has gone above and beyond my expectations!

I have compiled a video showing a bit of the process, the end has IPO bite work from this past Monday. It's crazy to see how non-weight baring he was initially to now. He's like a totally different dog.

Thanks for those who followed us along the way. I hope this video helps other people on their decision of whether or not to pursue this type of surgery. When I was on our journey I couldn't find video past 10mos. I think it has been in the last 4mos or so that he made the most improvement. I hardly notice a difference these days.

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